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Welcome to this new web site! Wiering Software is a new small Dutch games company, focussed on creating non-violent, family-friendly PC games, meant for people of all ages.

CHARLIE THE DUCK (Charlie I) now on Android and Steam!

Charlie II 3.10 (Expansion Pack)

Charlie II Get the expansion pack that adds 18 new levels to Charlie II! That's another 4000 coins and diamonds to find (see screenshots).
Info - Demo - Buy now!

Olaf & Elmar 1.05

Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos Cartoon style puzzle game with the elephant Olaf and the mouse Elmar, solve levels by pushing blocks (like in Sokoban).
Info - Demo - Buy now!

Super Worms 1.62

Super Worms This new version fixes some compatibility issues with Windows XP and with today's faster PC's (speed of objects and music).
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