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Running games in DOSBOX

DOSBox is a free DOS emulator that allows you to play DOS-based games on fast computers with Windows. Use this if you can't get the games to run on your PC. You will need to have a fast computer to get the games to run at a decent speed.


  • Download and run the program: DOSBox0.65-win32-installer.exe (this will install DOSBox 0.65 on your PC).
  • Run DOSBox (Start, Programs, DOSBox-0.65, DOSBox), you will see a DOS window with a   Z:\>   prompt.
  • Now, type:   MOUNT C C:\   (and press Enter)

Now you are in DOSBox, you can run any DOS game on your C: drive. The following instructions show how to run Charlie the Duck (assuming it was installed in the standard location: C:\Program Files\Wiering Software\Charlie the Duck\).

  • Type:   C:
  • Type:   CD \PROGRA~1\WIERIN~1\CHARLI~1   (the exact name may differ on your system, so type the first few letters and then press [Tab], so: cd \pro[tab]\wie[tab]\ch[tab], sometimes you might need to press [tab] two or three times to get the right one).
  • Type:   CHARLIE   (that should start the game)
  • During the game, you can adjust the speed (CPU Cycles) with Ctrl+F11 (slower) and Ctrl+F12 (Faster). For Charlie, 15000 seems pretty much like the original speed (though this will probably differ for each computer).
  • If the game still runs too slowly (Charlie I, Sint or Super Angelo), set BACKGROUND to STATIC (Main menu, Options).
  • When you're finished, type:   EXIT   to quit.
You can run other games in the same way, but you need to know where to find them. If you have an icon of a game on your desktop, right-click it and select properties. Its the "Working folder" in the tab program.

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